Developmental Competition

Why is it that parents compare every milestone their child is supposed to reach to every other child's abilities of the same age (or what their parents say they can do)?


Spring Break, Party Time!

Image by The_Smell_of_Roses from Pixabay Spring break is upon us in our house this week, and I can't believe there's only a little over THREE MONTHS left of the school year! How is that even possible? So far, in preparation for this week, I wrote down 13 chores to do. Oldy LOVES picking pieces of …

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I’m in Business!

I haven't written a new post here in what seems like forever. (It's only been 5 days.) The reason? I decided to change up my previous plans and push pause on the ebook. Typical me, changing my mind so quickly! You needn't worry though, for I have built a new blog to chronicle the very …

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A New Life

It's late at night (technically reeeeally early in the morning), and I am craving something. No, it's not food (for once)- it's an idea. An idea for a book. I have one idea, but it's a sensitive topic that people don't really want to talk about openly. I'm talking about overeating. But not just any …

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Let Me OUT!

It has been a week and a half since I went outside our home. Yes, you read that correctly. A week and a half. Ten whole days! No, I have not become a hermit...well, not intentionally. Allow me to explain. It was a wintry winter day in February. (Nice imagery, huh?) Husband, Youngy, and I were …

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